Shipping Details

We ship to Canadian and United States addresses! 


I have many customers who ship in groups! You and your friends can build boxes together! These customer boxes constantly order and as soon as there is enough to make the shipping cost worth sending the box goes out and I start them a new box as more of their items arrive! This way they can order in stock items and pre-orders and share the costs of shipping! They constantly are building a box! When the group boxes ship it goes to one address and then it’s distributed within the group.  I give everyone in that group the tracking information, so everyone knows estimated arrival times! 

I also offer a flat shipping rate for anything that doesn’t fit through a mail slot, and letter mail for small orders that fit through a mail slot! We will contact you if there is any issue with the shipping method you choose at check-out.  Please always check your junk or spam mail for updates!  I try contacting customers with shipping issues and if I don’t hear back with a couple days I cancel the order 


Please contact me with any questions, I’m happy to help!


or Patricia Eppler on Facebook